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Student Loan Debt Is a US Problem

THE ACCEPTANCE LETTER When I received my acceptance letter from Baylor, it was one of the most joyous days of my life. I got into the school of my dreams but had no concept of the cost of school. My family had no savings for college. In my ignorant bliss, I supposed the details would… View Article

Alan Greenspan’s Take on the Labor Market

FED CHAIRMAN FRATERNITY In a recent interview, Alan Greenspan, one of the most well-known Fed Chairmen in recent history, gave his vote of confidence in the current Fed Chair, Jerome Powell. He described the present labor market as unprecedented because unemployment is at a 50 year low. Economists analyze shifts in macroeconomies as fractions of… View Article

Are threats to our economic growth converging?

By now, everyone is aware of the broad stock market plunge yesterday. The S&P 500 fell nearly 40 points yesterday; the NASDAQ -4.0%. The S&P had reached its 6-month high only three weeks ago. MarketWatch Bummer! The DJIA lost 836 points as well. It wasn’t pretty. Even though markets somewhat recovered today, it’s still been… View Article

Bearish Conditions for Global Bond Markets

The global bond market is suffering, and there doesn’t seem to be relief in sight. People have long sought after traditional investment products for stable and lower risk asset classes. The most widely invested in fixed-income products are treasury bonds and mutual funds. ETF-traded bond funds have been very popular over the past two years…. View Article

Sanctions on Iran and Global Oil Prices

Iranian Sanctions There is a lot of shifting happening right now in global oil productions. Under President Trump’s foreign policy, sanctions on Iranian oil are returning in November. Iran produces a little over 2 million barrels per day. Although the US now produces oil at a record 11.1 million barrels per day, transportation bottlenecks are… View Article

What happens when companies face risks from their CEOs?

Tesla One topic I don’t think people write about enough is how tenuous the reputations of publicly traded companies can be if their CEOs’ behavior becomes erratic or otherwise jeopardizes their ability to lead a company. Most recently in the news, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, was sued by the SEC after sending out a… View Article

Waging War in Commodities Markets

The Trump Administration approved $100s of billions of dollars on Chinese goods that went into effect in July. The Chinese government retaliated with billions of dollars in restrictions on specific US commodity industries, such as soy, beef, and bourbon. In response to Trump’s strong-armed approach against NAFTA, the Mexican government has negotiated to buy corn from South… View Article

What’s a Quant Fund?

Quants funds, also called ‘Quants’, are a form of high-frequency, traded alternative investment that is not powered by analysts staring at market movements on multiple screens at a time, but rather by proprietary algorithms which have been built to run in sync with trading programs. Yes, it is a lot of factors to squeeze into… View Article

Industry Frustration with Trump

The global tariff wars that Trump started with the help of his advisors and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross don’t seem as if they’ll be ending anytime soon. Trump made it clear to the US public, citizens and elected leaders alike, that he valued loyalty above anything else. The problem with his management style is the… View Article

Afrojack and Nasdaq

Rather than start of the week with a post about domestic market conditions, or overseas economic instability, I decided to write about someone in a unique, but lucrative business who is using his resources to help other individuals to achieve success… His name is “Afrojack”, and he was the inaugural speaker at Forbes Under 30… View Article

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