What’s a Quant Fund?

Quants funds, also called ‘Quants’, are a form of high-frequency, traded alternative investment that is not powered by analysts staring at market movements on multiple screens at a time, but rather by proprietary algorithms which have been built to run in sync with trading programs. Yes, it is a lot of factors to squeeze into… Read More

Afrojack and Nasdaq

Rather than start of the week with a post about domestic market conditions, or overseas economic instability, I decided to write about someone in a unique, but lucrative business who is using his resources to help other individuals to achieve success… His name is “Afrojack”, and he was the inaugural speaker at Forbes Under 30… Read More

Can social media companies effectively self-regulate?

This time last year, Facebook released a statement acknowledging that about $100,000 in ads spent during the 2016 presidential election originated from Russian accounts. Although the ads did not endorse any candidate, they did focus on contentious social issues such as race relations and LBGT rights. Time During Mark Zuckerberg’s April testimony before Congress, he… Read More