Afrojack and Nasdaq Unite

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Rather than start off the week with a post about domestic market conditions, or overseas economic instability, I decided to write about someone in a unique, but lucrative business who is using his resources to help other individuals to achieve success… His name is “Afrojack”, and he was the inaugural speaker at Forbes Under 30 Summit four years ago.


Afrojack is a Dutch DJ, who grew up poor in Rotterdam. Over the course of his short career, he has earned over $100 million in revenue as a producer. When he wanted command of his own career and the leverage his skill set to develop other artists, he began his own record label, Wall Recordings. It was so successful in fact, he was approached by LDH Europe to merge the two companies, over which he became CEO. Afrojack stands apart from other CEOs and even DJs because of his sincere desire to help others to reach their dreams.


Although he achieved more success than was ever likely for someone being born with little, he never underestimated the abilities of others to dream too! He was even quoted saying, “Provide reality to a lot of people and make people feel the same as you.” Forbes He chose a more difficult path of opening doors for others rather than closing a door behind him with each accomplishment. I admire him for that but, to be honest, I also love electronic dance music (EDM). Afrojack is 30 something but has already made history for being the first DJ to ring the opening bell at Nasdaq. Hopefully, those who rise in their careers through his label, LDH Europe, will spread his philosophy. We could stand to see more empathetic leaders in the business world because the common greatness of unselfish giving does not seem to happen enough.

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