After spending 10 years working at major banks, analyzing holdings and reporting on investments for institutional and private wealth clients, I realized that it was time for me to take that insight and share it with the rest of the world as a professional content writer. I was pleased with the experience I gained over my tenure with the big banks until I realized that I could be accomplishing so much more outside of the confines of the corporate cubicle.

The asset types that I am experienced with analyzing include: money markets, credit instruments, REIT, derivatives, mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity and others. Further, I have written an extensive number of training materials and led process improvement projects for multinational banks.
Working as an assets-under-advisement (AUA), assets-under-management (AUM) analyst gave me the unique responsibility of reviewing account activity and vetting it. I spent thousands of hours reading hundreds of account statements from a wide range of capital management firms and banks.

My vision as your financial writer is to produce content for your publications with an analyst’s perspective that will help you to expand your reach and expertly hone your marketing efforts. Let’s engage your target audience!

-Daniel W. Jones, MBA