Tim Cook on Trump’s Tariffs

Apple CEO Tim Cook had a conference call with Donald Trump earlier this year and expressed his concerns about placing tariffs on Chinese electronics. He thinks that consumers ultimately pay the price for during tariff disputes and that they have unintended consequences such as slower economic growth… Well, most of us already know this, but the Administration does not consider the economic repercussions, otherwise, it would not have had to grant $12 billion in relief to US farmers last month after the Chinese sourced agricultural products elsewhere. It’s very valuable for a sitting President to have a frank discussion with the CEO of the most valuable company in the United States. Although there is no immediate impact, the company is continuing to analyze the peripheral effects of the approved tariffs. Whether or not Apple watches and other products will continue to be unaffected is a complete unknown. And just because today Trump’s answer is ‘not affected’, on a whim, it could all change tomorrow. Let’s hope for the best! Business Insider

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