US Bond Markets are shifting

The consensus among most analysts is that we have already seen the greatest stock market growth there is to see from economic stimulus following the recession of 2008. We have approached the 10-year mark after years of steady growth, along with many portfolios seeing double digit growth in 2017. This an indicator to many as the maximum market growth investors can expect to see in this economic cycle.

The Fed has shown signs it intends to periodically tighten interest rates for the remainder of the year in correlation with decreases in treasury bonds issued. We have seen quite a lot of volatility through the start of this year as well. And with that, investors inevitably become weary and begin seek out other means to lessen the effects of stock market swings on their portfolios. With higher interest rates coming this year, investors are shifting to bonds rather than adding equity holdings or increasing present equity positions. MarketWatch CNBC

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