What products and services do you offer?

Do you specialize in high-contact / high-margin or a low-contact / high-volume client base?

What products do you sell, and how important is cross-selling?

What do your sales cycles look like?

What are your viewership, visitor and click goals?

…The answers to these questions are my guide when I think about what approach to take in writing your site pages, biography, or blog. You have developed plans for your client base expansion, and your website is a key component to getting you there. I take your key words and phrases unique to your business and create content around them to help drive web traffic. This is never mass media content. It will be tailored to convey your strengths, whether your business is:

  • Real Estate & Mortgage
  • Financial Adviser
  • Personal Finance

I will produce quality copy for your publications that will resonate with readers. I understand the back-end work that it takes to package services that keep clients happy. Further, I have spent thousands of hours interpreting hundreds of account statements from a wide range of capital managers through the years. My duty was to make sense of it, or to challenge it, and to provide performance reports to our clients.

Even the big capital firms don’t always get it right. As your content partner, I am here to ensure that you do get your message right.

Daniel W. Jones, MBA
Content Strategist